Tiamat, Queen of Dragons

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This Queen of Dragons, Tiamat miniature is a beautiful and unique design by Lord of the Print.

These are handmade with love, made-to-order, and printed specifically for your order.  

Due to their hand-crafted process, the Colossal models take 4 months to ship, MINIMUM.

Hand-painted models will have a longer processing time!

These models have to be printed in up to 21 very difficult-to-assemble pieces! But our team at MageCraft Miniatures will do the hardest part for you and take the time to *mostly* assemble your model before shipping it, so you don't have to! This will eliminate assembly lines and gaps, making your models look more aesthetically beautiful, as if they were printed in one piece!


You will have to attach the models to their bases (as you would with any miniature), as well as their wings - we do this to ensure that they survive the trip during shipping and that they arrive intact!


**Every package that we ship will be packaged expertly and sent with shipping insurance**


There are various options for this miniature:


5 Heads, Four Wings


5 Heads, Two Wings


1 Head, Four Wings


1 Head, Two Wings



The approximate measurements for the Gargantuan Tiamat are:


Length: 340.63mm


Width: 369.42mm


Height: 320.81



The approximate measurements for the Colossal Tiamat are:


Height (to her highest point): 481.22mm


Wingspan: 554.13mm


Front to Back: 510.95mm


6 inch base 


**Please treat your miniature with care as photo polymer resin is delicate! 3D printing requires the use of supports in order to produce a model. We will do our best to eliminate all traces of printing scars before shipping you your mini.


MageCraft Miniatures is honored to be a licensed distributor of Lord of the Print.


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For more helpful resources and more info on what paints we use, what brushes we recommend, valuable accessories, educational and source material to help take your miniature painting journey and role playing games to the next level, check out our link: https://magecraftminiatures.com/pages/resources



Painted Miniatures


We also offer the option to have your miniature custom hand-painted by Cassandra - our Creative Director. Simply choose the option in the variations menu and send us your specifications! We will keep you updated and follow up with you every step of the way to make sure you love your purchase and that it looks amazing on your TTRPG battle map.


Bear in mind that, for shipping safety and to keep your models arriving intact, the painted models, especially the Huge monsters and bigger sizes, may come partly assembled. You may have to attach wings and/or bases to the miniatures. We would rather ship them in parts, than your models arriving in pieces. If you do prefer your painted model to be fully assembled, please message us directly! Thank you!


If, for whatever reason, your model breaks during shipping, though it's out of our hands, definitely message is directly and we'll do our best to make sure you are satisfied.


Please bear in mind that very specific and intricate detail requested on a miniature (such as tattoos, symbols, arcane runes, etc), a very complex paint job (like a dragon with a magma/lava/lit up core), or bases with specialty effects (such as volcanic rock/lava, water effects, or object source lighting) are not included in the original price. You can absolutely request that work to be done for your piece and, for an additional fee, we'll create it for you exactly as you envision it!


Hand-painted models have longer processing times to allow the artist to bring your special commissions to life!


*The images of the painted Tiamat are examples from a previous commission.