Meet the Team

Cassandra Zepeda, Mexico

Creative Director and Operations Chief

Cassandra overlooks the whole operation that is MageCraft Miniatures! When contacting MageCraft, you'll be creating and bringing your miniatures to life with Cassandra's assistance. She takes care of quality control, customer service, websites and online stores, expanding of the brand, and collaboration with incredible artists to bring you amazing DnD merchandise. 

Cass is the in-house artist that hand-paints, with love, every personalized model that we produce! 

Before embarking on this creative journey, Cassandra dedicated her life to performing. She is a singer, actress, model, and dancer and has walked the runways during New York Fashion Week while living in New York City, performed for various theater companies, and portrayed various Disney characters on stage for Disney Cruise Line.

Cassandra Zepeda - MageCraft Miniatures Creative Director and Operations Chief



Blake KelleyTexas, US

Technical Director

Blake is an amazing Dungeon Master and Player himself, which drives his love for creating fantastic miniatures. He is in charge of all the 3D printing tech that MageCraft requires to run like a well-oiled machine. Blake overlooks the printing department and ensures that each one of our beloved machines works perfectly and efficiently.

He is well acquainted with our 3D printed models and hand-cleans and hand-assembles every single model that MageCraft produces!

Blake has been a phenomenal dancer and performer his whole life, touring with companies like LADM, and performing for Walt Disney World as well as Disney Cruise Line.

Blake Kelley - MageCraft Miniatures Technical Director


Paris Zepeda, Mexico

Digital Marketing and Social Media Insights Manager

An artist, painter, muralist, and creator of the Inspiration Collection Network, Paris leads the marketing department at MageCraft Miniatures.

Paris overlooks and advises our social media insights and creates all the marketing material that has helped MageCraft be where it is today.

He is the designer and painter that created our incredible logo! Check him out on Facebook and Instagram!

Paris Zepeda - Digital Marketing Manager for MageCraft Miniatures


Amy Cheever, South Carolina, US

Assistant to the Creative Director

Amy Cheever is our administrator and is the personal assistant to the Creative Director. Amy and Cassandra met over 15 years ago and have collaborated on many creative endeavors in theater and the arts in the years since. Having lived and worked all over the United States and Europe, Amy likes to work behind the scenes to make the magic happen. She supports her fellow creatives in bringing their visions to reality. Her experience has included theatrical lighting design, professional makeup artistry, costuming, as well as various jobs in the beauty industry.


Lord of the Print, France

Miniature Sculpting and Design

Lord of the Print are the creators whose miniatures are the stars of the whole show! They are a small team of friends working in the video game industry, who love sculpting and creating epic creatures. 

Though they started this amazing adventure in 2020, Jason, Clement, and Florent have known each other for several years before they started sculpting together. They are innovative, enjoying the amazing community atmosphere that has been created around this adventure, and are always preparing for new exciting projects.
They love seeing the digital turn into physical, and the community bringing their creations to life!
Check out Lord of the Print on Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon!
Lord of the Print
Ricardo Ramos, Spain
Lead 3D Digital Sculptor, MageCraft Maps
Ricardo is the creator of our first pieces of the MageCraft Maps project (coming soon!) and he is our lead artist creating custom 3D sculpts!
He is a 30-year-old young man from Spain who loves animals and video games, currently entering the world of RPG. He has been a 3D Artist in the world of video games for approximately 6 years, specializing in digital 3D sculpture with Zbrush for almost 10 years. 
He put in a lot of effort to be able to enter an academy in 2012 and since then it is the only thing he has done professionally.
Ricardo has made characters, weapons, 3D environments such as stones and nature decorations (he recently released an entire terrain collection - check it out on his Instagram!). But without a doubt what has caught his attention the most is the sculpting of creatures and characters, so he currently dedicates himself professionally both to video games and to private commissions to carry out miniature figures. 
The only thing Ricardo will watch on TV are cartoons, and it will continue to be that way forever. In his words, "if we take our childhood away we age by seconds".
We cannot express how excited we are to have Ricardo as part of the MageCraft team and we can't wait to see where his incredible talents take him! Check out his Myminifactory store!
Christian Tovar,  Texas, US
Digital 3D Artist, Custom Sculpts 
Christian is 23 year old artist from Guatemala! He's passionate about movies, shows and video games, specially with incredible stories.
On his free time, if he's not creating an amazing 3D project, he's enjoying a movie, show or playing an exiting game with his friends, and always looking for good co-op games to enjoy.
For his love for entertainment he moved to Mexico to study film. Going to film productions was something that he really enjoyed and learned a lot from, but in the same vain of movies and entertainment he always wanted to move towards the animation world, so that's what he did! He started learning 3D animation and modeling for movies, games and 3D printing. Living and enjoying step of the way.
He's been creating characters, 3D assets and projects for 3D printing for 3-4 years, from modeling, texturing, animating all the way to render. Everything to get to the best result possible.
We are so excited and honored to have him as part of the MageCraft Miniatures Team!
Check out and support him on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and ArtStation
Grace Schimenti, Florida, US
Digital Artist
Gracie is one of our featured digital artists! Many of the incredible and fun designs on MageCraft Merch are her unique and original concept art!
She is a student at Florida State University with a passion for comics, video games and storyboarding. She hopes to, one day, publish her own graphic novel and animated pilot, as visual story telling means everything to her!
If she's not drawing, she's probably rewatching Little Shop of Horrors, or doing homework.
We are so excited to have her be a part of the MageCraft Team!