Tiamat, Queen of Dragons Miniature

Craft Your Own Adventure and Level Up Your Campaign With Magecraft Miniatures

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Here at MageCraft, we strive to bring your vision to life and further your storytelling through phenomenal Miniature professionally hand-crafted and hand-painted art pieces for RPGs like Dungeons&Dragons and Pathfinder. Whether you’re a Dungeon/Game Master, or a Player, we hope to bring you the same joy, escape, and amazing battle map minis of epic quality that we cherish during our own sessions.

We use the latest 3D printing technology, and pride ourselves with hand-making and hand-painting our monsters to bring them to life!

3D Printed DnD Miniatures, Minis with Painted Option

MageCraft Logo Prints

Paris Zepeda, the original creator of our incredible logo is now offering gorgeous professional prints of this iconic image! Head over to Paris's website to check out more of his fantastic body of work!