We're so excited to share with you all in our amazing community that in early January, we welcomed our newest and tiniest member of the team!

Welcome, Xanat! 🩷

If you're waiting for a commission, please know we're doing our best to complete them all while I recover from birth, and both Blake - our tech director and 3D printing extraordinaire - and I adjust to this new life and rhythm.

We're offering a sale for you guys at this time! Any orders help us immensely! Before ordering, please be aware that your miniature may take longer than normal to go out as I'm only able to paint a very small amount of time per day and Blake is taking care of me and his new baby daughter full-time.

Thank you all for your continued support through the journey! We are very lucky to have you in our lives and be part of this incredible niche.

Wishing you a very happy New Year!

Cheers and Adventure On,

Cassandra, Blake, and Xanat Kelley

The MageCraft Miniatures Team

Tiamat, Queen of Dragons Miniature

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Here at MageCraft, we strive to bring your vision to life and further your storytelling through phenomenal Miniature professionally hand-crafted and hand-painted art pieces for RPGs like Dungeons&Dragons and Pathfinder. Whether you’re a Dungeon/Game Master, or a Player, we hope to bring you the same joy, escape, and amazing battle map minis of epic quality that we cherish during our own sessions.

We use the latest 3D printing technology, and pride ourselves with hand-making and hand-painting our monsters to bring them to life!

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Paris Zepeda, the original creator of our incredible logo is now offering gorgeous professional prints of this iconic image! Head over to Paris's website to check out more of his fantastic body of work!