How long will it take for my products to ship?

Since all our products are hand-made and made-to-order, it'll take from two weeks for the smaller models, up to twelve weeks for the Colossal models to be fully printed, assembled, and packaged. The custom hand-painted minis have a longer creative process, depending on their size and the amount of detail you request, to allow the artist time to work on all the commissions we have on our queue and to dedicate time to make your model look amazing!


What material do you use to print the miniatures?

Our models are 3D printed out of Photo Polymer Resin, or UV resin, which uses the latest 3D printing technology to produce a model.


I noticed that your prices are higher than, for example, other sellers on Etsy. Can you elaborate on what sets MageCraft apart?

At MageCraft, we consistently strive to be better and better - for starters, we are constantly upgrading our 3D printing technology by purchasing the latest machines, and we use one of the best quality resins in the market currently. 
Unlike most sellers on Etsy, we send you your models mostly assembled (where you just have to glue their wings on), or fully assembled where you just have to glue the model to its base (like you would any other TTRPG miniature). This process requires tons of time, special materials, skill, and patience. 
Each piece is made-to-order specifically for each client (we do not have any standing stock), it is assembled by hand with a professional technique that eliminates gaps and makes your miniature look like it was printed in one piece (and many of them are actually printed in one piece because we have invested in large scale printers of the best quality available), and it is then ground and filed by hand to smooth any imperfections. After that, we pre-prime our unpainted models so that they are ready for you to paint. 
Since our models come assembled, the materials that we have to use for shipping are much larger, more expensive, and the actual postage pricing is much higher because we specialize in very large size miniatures such as dragons and the like.
As for painted models, we only have one artist currently working for MageCraft and she is ALWAYS booked with commissions, so it's imperative that she is compensated for her time and skill.
We also try to account for the fact that, over the past year, EVERYTHING has gone up in price. Every single material, service, and platform we use to operate has raised its prices. Since this is our primary source of income, if we want to be able to continue creating epic minis, we unfortunately have to adjust our prices slightly each time the economy shifts. It really sucks, but there's not much we can do about that part.
We hope this answers your questions and that it'll encourage you to invest in one of our art pieces! 

How do I get you the specifications for my miniature if I purchased a painted model?

In your cart page, there is a box where you can write specifications for us before purchase. If you've already bought your miniature and didn't write the specifications down, you can either message us at magecraftminiatures@gmail.com or go to the Contact Us link on either menu and you can send them through there.


Does MageCraft have a Rewards Program? What are Dragon Scales?

Yes, we do! On the lower right corner of the page, you'll find a blue icon. When you click it, it'll take you to a page where you can sign up for our rewards program and accumulate points, or "Dragon Scales" - each dollar you spend at magecraftminiatures.com is one Dragon Scale. When you reach 100 Scales, you receive $2 off your next purchase! And you can add these up! make sure to sign up before checking out to make sure you receive your Dragon Scales!


What if I want a specific model painted that you don't have at the MageCraft Miniatures online store?

Message us! We are always happy to paint all kinds of amazing models! We can make arrangements for MageCraft Miniatures to custom hand-paint your model!


What kind of paint is used on the hand-painted models?

We use acrylic paints from brands like Vallejo, Citadel, and Army Painter


Can you custom sculpt a miniature?

Absolutely! We have partnered with some incredible artists and we are SO EXCITED to be able to offer this incredible service! Check out this link to check out our different options and rates for Custom Sculpts!


How big are the miniatures?

Within each listing, in the description, you can find the measurements for each monster, dragon, or model. If the measurements aren't listed, or you're wondering if we can print that model in a different scale, contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions!


What is the best way to assemble my models once they arrive?

These models have to be printed in many pieces, but our team at MageCraft Miniatures will take the time to *mostly* assemble your model before shipping it, so you don't have to! This will eliminate any assembly lines and gaps, making your models look more aesthetically beautiful, as if they were printed in one piece!

You will have to attach the models to their bases (as you would with any miniature), as well as their wings, if they have them - we do this to ensure that they survive the trip during shipping and that they arrive intact!

To attach the wings to the models and to glue them to their bases, we recommend that you use Loctite Super Glue, Gel Control - we find that it's the adhesive that works the best.

(We're not affiliated with the Loctite brand).

**Every package that we ship will be packaged expertly and sent with shipping insurance**


Do you ship outside the US?

We do! We ship pretty much everywhere! Shipping is calculated at checkout for international orders. *Bear in mind that MageCraft Miniatures is not responsible for customs fees, taxes, or delays.*

Some countries may have shipping restrictions due to COVID-19; check your borders' rules and regulations for international trade before purchasing!