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Thank you for your interest in a MageCraft Beginner/Intermediate Miniature Painting Class!

Our one-on-one online painting classes are instructed by our Creative Director and Lead Artist at MageCraft - Cassandra.

These classes are led by YOU - you will tell your instructor what your goals are from class to class, what techniques you'd like to learn, what miniature you're interested in painting, and whatever it is you need help with!

From there, Cassandra will help and guide you to learn the techniques you need to bring your own models to life!

Classes are held online through Google Meet.

Depending on your level, the classes cover topics like the Color Wheel, mixing colors, different brush techniques and what texture they achieve, the most efficient way to paint different kinds of miniatures, and the class structure allows you to ask any questions you may need answers to.

Please bear in mind that all the lessons cover painting with hand brushes - lessons on airbrush are not available at this time.

The class can be held in English or Spanish and is typically for ages 12 and up.

We have four options for class packages:

•Single 1 One-Hour Class per Month - $70
•Two One-Hour Classes per Month - $140 ($70/ea)
•3 One-Hour Classes per Month - $195 ($65/ea)
•4 One-Hour Classes per Month - $260 ($65/ea)

If longer-lasting classes are needed, we can arrange so, upon request.

The current availabile schedule for classes is Monday-Friday, 4pm-9pm.

Once you purchase a class pack, we will contact you through email. There, you will be able to book the class slot you would like, let us know your current painting level, and we'll be able to communicate with you any other important info you need to know.

In our email,  we will also attach an exclusive discount code for you so that you can purchase a miniature of your choice from the MageCraft Miniatures Official Store.

If you need materials and supplies, we've put together a page full of resources and tools to help you get started!

We're excited to see you in class and watch you grow into an amazing miniature painter!