Humanoid Custom Sculpt

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Each Custom Sculpt option includes the Custom Digital 3D Sculpt Service, and the 3D printed model. You can also choose if you would like the model professionally custom hand-painted by a MageCraft artist.

As these models are created from scratch, exactly to your specifications in a never-before-seen miniature, and made-to-order, the 3D sculpting time can take between 3-5 weeks for the tabletop models, and 6-8 weeks for the display piece.

The printing service processing time can take 3-5 weeks for the tabletop models and 4-6 weeks for the display piece. Printing will begin once the piece is complete and the sculptor has been paid in full for any add-ons. Painted models have a longer processing time to allow the artist time to bring your special commission to life. 


If they technically have two arms, two legs, and a head, and can be a Playable Character, it is considered Humanoid - Humans, Minotaur, Dragonborn, Elf, Kobold, Dwarf, Halfling, Orcs, Zombie, Werewolf, Aasimar, etc.

•30mm-40mm tall
Includes: Medium and Large detail, belts, wrinkles in clothes, accessories, armour, weapons, large tufts of hair, large symbols.

•41mm-60mm tall
Includes:   Medium details, Large details, accessories, armour, weapons, and detailed facial expressions, scars, cloth texture.

•61mm-80mm tall
︎Includes:   Medium details, Large details, detailed facial expression, scars, cloth texture, accessories, armour, weapons, high resolution hair strands, rings, earrings, etc.

•Collector's Edition Display Piece, 150mm-160mm tall
Includes:  Details up to skin pores included, skin wrinkles, finer hairs, weapons, armour, accessories