Dragon Custom Sculpt

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Each Custom Sculpt option includes the Custom Digital 3D Sculpt Service, and the 3D printed model. You can also choose if you would like the model professionally custom hand-painted by a MageCraft artist.

As these models are created from scratch, exactly to your specifications in a never-before-seen miniature, and made-to-order, the 3D sculpting time can take between 6-8 weeks MINIMUM. 

The printing service processing time can take 4-6 weeks minimum for the Large and Huge Dragons, and 6-10 weeks minimum for the Gargantuan, and UP TO 4 MONTHS minimum Colossal pieces. Printing will begin once the piece is complete and the sculptor has been paid in full for any add-ons.

• Dragon considered "Large" (Young) with a 2 inch base (50mm)
︎Includes: Large and Medium skin detail (scales or any pattern) and generic skin (no little details)

• Dragon considered "Huge" (Adult) with a 3 inch base (76mm)
︎Includes: Everything included for the ''Large'' and details such as small teeth, small details on the skin will also be made

• Dragon considered "Gargantuan" (Ancient) with a 4 inch base (100mm)
︎Includes: Everything included for the ''Huge'' and customization of base, rocks, earth, broken trees, etc.

• Dragon considered "Colossal" (Great Wyrm) with a 6 inch base (150mm)
︎Includes: Everything included for the ''Gargantuan'' and this option will reach any level of detail, skin pores, small hairs, etc, and the option to make a rider on it included in the price.