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Every Player and DM has a specific idea of what our DnD characters look like. But have you ever actually seen your character in person?

With MageCraft Portraits, you can now turn your DnD character into an amazing portrait!

We have partnered with the amazing @travisearls to bring you these amazing character portraits!

As these pieces are created by hand and made-to-order, they each have approximately a 3-4 week processing time to allow the artist the time they need to bring your character to life.

*100% of the agreed commission goes to the artist. by purchasing a MageCraft Portrait you are supporting an individual creator!

Upon purchase, you will recieve an email from MageCraft with a form to fill out about your character. Please fill it out with as much detail as possible. We will also ask you to forward concept art photos of your character specifications (their clothes, skin color, hair color, theme, weapons, armor, etc) - the more detail you can provide, the better!

*Please note that, though we understand each of us has a very specific and complex vision of what our characters look like and the whole backstory that comes with them, crazy amounts of detail or adjustments requested from the artist will require additional compensation. An invoice will be sent to you upon completion of your piece and the finished portrait will only be sent once the invoice has been paid in full. 

Once we recieve your specifications, we'll will forward your materials and your email to Travis, who will be creating your piece! He will periodically update you on how your portrait is going to make sure you like it!

You will recieve your portrait as a digital file.

If you want your portrait printed on a canvas, a t-shirt, a blanket, a poster, stickers, or any other type of merchandise, please let us know! Our team at MageCraft will be happy to help - once your piece is done, we can arrange details, pricing, and shipping with you!

*The example Portrait of the female elf includes a small familiar, which can be added upon request.

The listing example of the Monk features Beauregard Lionett from Critical Role, portrayed by Marisha Ray. We do not own the rights to this character in any way, shape, or form. Her portrait serves only as an example of the work our artist can create.