Character Class/ Adventuring Party Custom Graphic Design

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If you don't see your Character Class/Subclass design in our gallery above or in any of our Character Class Merch, you can place an order to have our team custom design one for you!

We also offer the option to create a custom graphic design for your Adventuring Party's logo!

Once you place your purchase, a MageCraft Team member will reach out through email. There, you can communicate with us what design you'd like us to create.

- If you want us to modify an existing graphic and just change the Titles, please choose the "Subclass Design" option. This option does not include major adjustments on one of our graphics, only slight changes like the Subclass name. 

-If you want a brand new graphic designed for you from scratch, please choose the "Custom Class/Subclass" option. 

-If you want a custom Adventuring Party graphic design logo, please choose the "Adventuring Party Graphic" option. 

When you place this order, we'll send you an email. There, we'll ask you some questions about your party, such as symbols each player has that make them unique, as well as specific traits of your Party, and their Party name, if they have one. 

 Once your design is complete, we will send you a jpg. or png. copy of your design.

If you purchased MageCraft Merch to place this design on, once you place your order for that item, we will then place your new design on it!

*MageCraft Miniatures holds the rights to these specific Characters Class designs, as they were created by a MageCraft Team member. Any replication for reproduction, whether for personal use or commercial use, is prohibited.