Character Class Coasters

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Our amazing MageCraft Character Class Coasters feature never-seen-before original DnD Player Class designs, exlusively created by the MageCraft Team!

These can be purchased in a pack of 4, a pack of 6, or a pack of 8! You can choose to get each pack with either the same Character Class design, or make each coaster a separate Class for each of your players to have at their spot on the table!

Once you place your purchase, a MageCraft Team member will reach out through email. There, you can communicate with us what class designs from our gallery you'd like on your Coasters!

We created these designs portraying each Dungeons&Dragons class and subclass, making our merch the best personalized gifts for your fellow adventurers... or yourself! No one's judging!

And guess what - if you don't see your Class/Subclass design we can customize the design for you!

To purchase a new custom Character Class graphic design, please visit the link below:


These are crafted with genuine cork bottoms and are all topped with polyester-coated hardboard to protect the design. 

.: Made in USA
.: High-gloss top
.: One size (3.75″ X 3.75″)
.: Material: Genuine cork bottom finished with a glossy white top made of polyester-coated hardboard


*MageCraft Miniatures holds the rights to these specific Characters Class designs, as they were created by a MageCraft Team member. Any replication for reproduction, whether for personal use or commercial use, is prohibited.